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RPOWER’s Fine Dining and Table Service

RPOWER Point of Sale has developed features catered specifically towards the Table Service environment. Intuitive operations for splitting checks, menu coursing, and hold/fire ordering reduce time at the POS terminal, keeping the attention of the service staff on the customer. RPOWER also includes built-in features to increase staff awareness and simplify in-house communication with employee messaging, count down/86 notification, and menu item/specials description capabilities. Smart ordering software with forced and unforced modifier selections complete the order process while minimizing touches. Integrated high-speed credit card processing with definable capabilities for off-line processing and security overrides for multiple single-card transactions, tip percentages, and validation printing provide flexible controls for payment processing and advanced credit card security. RPOWER’s Table Service software provides the unmatched stability and dependability our customers demand while providing the software tools to simplify order entry operations while keeping the management team in control.

RPOWER’s Delivery Module

RPOWER’s delivery system grew up during the 90’s in Manhattan handling busy lunch deliveries for corporate biling clients. Sites with 2,000 accounts and 20,000 customers doing $250,000 in billing per month are not uncommon. This tough and unusual upbringing forced RPOWER to be perhaps more well-rounded than some, and certainly battle-proven over many years. At the same time, we are constantly working to make it better.

Customers may be organized into accounts, whether for billing or not (individual members may be designated cash only). Ship-to addresses may be associated with accounts, customers, or individual checks.

RPOWER quickly finds customers by phone number (quickly typed in by hand or using multi-line caller ID), name, account number, or company name. For new customers, caller ID names are “fixed up” and the operator given choices from which to pick the properly formatted name for completion, including dropping it into company name.

RPOWER has created the only non-proprietary, public-domain XML Internet On-Line Ordering interface specification for Web sites. Check one of RPOWER’s Online Ordering Partners at, and for information on how you could quickly and inexpensively create a site for your establishment.

The RPOWER Delivery Dispatcher

RPOWER’s Delivery Dispatcher uses an “order basket” system to organize orders as the come up for one-touch driver assignment. Checks can be quickly tipped out and closed in batches by the driver. With four different views: By Driver, Running(Out for Delivery), New Orders, or All Orders(Current & Future), the dispatcher displays the checks you need to see when you need to see them. Runs are created simply by selecting the run number(zone), touching the desired checks and then picking the driver. On driver return, batch printing and check closing are simple one-touch operations.

Customer History – Last Order Recall

RPOWER stores your customer order history for a defined time frame: six months, year, etc. The most recent order is displayed first for each customer and a simple one-touch displays any past order detail. RPOWERmakes these past orders available for simple re-ordering, not only making recurring orders a snap, but also educating the phone attendant with customer tendencies for up-selling and relationship building.

Caller ID Functionality

Through the RPOWER Caller ID integration each incoming call is logged in the Callers menu and available for an operator to begin a phone order by either confirming the existing caller’s account or creating a new customer account with the caller id name and phone number automatically inserted. The days’ call history is maintained for simple retrieval to re-create orders or accounts. The RPOWER Caller ID integration uses the Whozz Calling W.C. POS Series four and eight line devices.